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Immigration Overhaul for 2014: Decidedly Not Dead

From A bipartisan overhaul of immigration, considered dead in the water just a few weeks ago, is not only alive, according to the House Republican leading efforts to broker…


Nevada Militia To Feds: ‘Control Our Borders, Not Our Ranchers’

From LAS VEGAS (CBS LAS VEGAS/AP) — The rural Nevada showdown between federal government officials and militia members protecting rancher Cliven Bundy has evolved into a battle of government…


Jeb Bush Defends ‘Act of Love’ Remarks on Illegal Immigration

AZBD Note: Using Jeb Bush’s line of reasoning, any crime is an “act of love” including prostitution and armed robbery as long as it is done to provide for a…


Viva La Raza: Denver Public Schools Seeking Illegal Immigrant Teachers

From Denver Public Schools (DPS) plans to actively pursue people brought to the United States illegally and install them in their classrooms as teachers. People deemed by the federal…

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Illegal Immigrants Flooding US Facilities Claiming ‘Credible Fear’ for Lives

From A recent trend along Texas’ southern border involves illegal immigrants flocking to the U.S., turning themselves in to Border Patrol officials, and then expressing credible fear for their…


Sen. Sessions: ‘Deliberate Plan by President’ to Collapse U.S. Law Enforcement System

From Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said today that Americans need to stand up to “a deliberate plan by the president of the United States” to collapse the nation’s law…


AZBD Videos will be in ‘Borderland’ TV series.

Some of the videos of illegal aliens and drug smugglers shown in this series were provided by AZ Border Defenders.


Cantor’s ‘Pledge’ At Center Of Secretive Immigration Push, Chairman Says

From House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA) said that a promise Majority Leader Eric Cantor made last year is a major force behind the push to…


Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S.

From Outmanned and outgunned, local law enforcement officers are alarmed by the drug and human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping and money laundering that Mexican drug cartels are conducting in the…


Nancy Pelosi: I’d Rather Pass Amnesty than Be Speaker

From House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she would rather pass amnesty legislation than get her gavel back. “It’s the biggest thing that we can do, and that’s…

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Report: New massive wave of illegal immigration coming

From A new report suggests that there is a massive wave of illegal immigration coming to American soon. For USA Today, Alan Gomez wrote this week that “there is…

The Globalist Party

Schumer: We’ll Have Amnesty in 2014 Thanks to Liberal Republicans

From Ever the happy warrior of the left, Sen. Chuck Schumer is not giving up on his pipe dream: amnesty for illegal aliens in 2014. Appearing on MSNBC on…

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New Technique Better Identifies Mummified Mexican Border Crossers In Arizona

From About 180 unidentified Mexican border crossers die in Arizona each year trying to enter the United States — their bodies usually surrendering to heat exhaustion and dehydration. And…

The Globalist Party

Jeb Bush: Crossing the Border Illegally an ‘Act of Love’

From Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush discussing immigration reform on Fox News this Sunday: “I’m going to say this and it will be on tape, and so be it….


Three Mexican Cartel Tunnels Discovered Under US Soil This Week

From Three massive cartel tunnels were discovered by U.S. authorities this week—connecting the U.S. and Mexico. The tunnels were presumably used for the trafficking narcotics and human beings. The…


What Was Wrong With The Mass The Bishops Celebrated On The Border

From Brenda Walker has published an excellent piece on the Catholic bishops, who profaned the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the border to promote treason, anarchy and the…


ATF Director Confirms: No One Fired for Fast and Furious

From The director of the agency responsible for Operation Fast and Furious told a House panel  Wednesday that no government officials were fired for allowing the gun-walking program to…

Mexican soldiers

State Dept. Demands Review of American Citizens Attacked in Mexico

From Three American citizens visiting the small Mexican town of El Sásabe, Sonora, were attacked by armed individuals in late March. The shooting landed one of the young men,…

Obama’s Post-2014 Plan: Unilateral Amnesty?

From; As the 2014 elections draw near, panic is setting in for President Obama and Democrats across the country. As John Harwood of The New York Times observed on…

Captures bring more fear than relief at Mexico border

U.S. Officials Confirm Illegal Border Incursion By Mexican Soldiers Allegedly Pursuing Smugglers

From After a series of denials, Mexican authorities have finally admitted that two heavily-armed and camouflaged soldiers crossed over the border into Arizona and drew their weapons in an…