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Border Patrol seizes 1,881 pounds of marijuana

Mexican Drug Cartel Operating in U.S. Suburb More than 1,500 Miles from Border

FEBRUARY 07, 2017 Illustrating that the Mexican drug crisis is having a far-reaching impact on the U.S., a heroin ring operated by a Mexican cartel was recently busted in an…

North McAllen

Mexican Drugs Enter U.S. at Record Rates, Western States “Heroin Transit Zone”

AZBD Note: A little outdated, but still true today. AUGUST 30, 2016 The Obama administration’s failure to protect the southern border has allowed Mexican cartels to smuggle record amounts of…


ICE: Arrests up nearly 40% over last year

POSTED AT 5:01 PM ON MAY 17, 2017 BY JOHN SEXTON U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests are up substantially under President Trump. ICE published a statement on its…