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immigrant homeowner

Trump immigration policies take root in Tucson federal court

By Curt Prendergast Arizona Daily Star Jun 29, 2017 A fast-track prosecution program is growing as the Trump administration’s immigration policies take root at the federal courthouse in Tucson. In…

No sign of suspected smugglers in $7.2 million drug bust

Federal authorities make arrests and seize 1,100 pounds of marijuana

Carmen Duarte Arizona Daily Star Jun 28, 2017 Updated 17 hrs ago Two U.S. citizens and 12 Mexican nationals were arrested Monday and federal authorities seized 1,100 pounds of marijuana…


ICE Inquiry Causes 30 Workers To Mysteriously Disappear From Maryland Restaurant

JAZZ SHAW Posted at 10:01 pm on June 27, 2017 A funny thing happened at the BoatHouse Canton restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland last week. It seems that on June 22…

Mexican soldiers

What?! Mexican Army Invades America Through Arizona!

[AZBD note: Although a little dated, it is nevertheless interesting. Still going on year after year.] By Chris Agee on May 2, 2014 at 4:59pm “Authorities in Arizona confirmed the…

Captures bring more fear than relief at Mexico border

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Cartel Spying on U.S. Cops in Plot to Identify, Murder Informants in Arizona

by ROBERT ARCE24 Jun 2017 A Mexican transnational criminal group aligned with the Sinaloa Federation (Sinaloa Cartel) is performing a surveillance operation on U.S. soil against U.S. law enforcement personnel….


U.S. Border Agents Warned of ‘Open Warfare’ with ‘Grenades’ in Mexico at Texas Border

by BRANDON DARBY & ILDEFONSO ORTIZ22 Jun 2017 Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) of South Texas are being warned about risks posed to them on…


Megyn Kelly Claims Drugs Not Being Shipped Across US Mexico Border

Megan Kelly apparently doesn’t know what bundles of drugs look like.