‘A Free Ride’: The Simple Move Illegal Immigrants and Human Smugglers Are Using to Thwart Immigration Laws

From theblaze.com:

As Democrats and Republicans prepare to move on immigration reform, so too are the drug cartels and human traffickers that prosper from smuggling thousands of people across the southern border every month, sources said.
Human smugglers from Mexico using immigration debat to get people across the border

Federal law enforcement officials told TheBlaze that traffickers are moving whole families, including young children, through the southern U.S. border and that many are even turning themselves in to border authorities without fear of deportation, with the hope that new immigration reform will keep them in the United States.

Law enforcement officials say they are left with their hands tied, unable to enforce current laws, and that the push by lawmakers to deliver what they say is an amnesty plan this year is contributing to the ongoing dangers presented by the nearly 2,000-mile U.S. border with Mexico.