ACLU Does Not Want Border Patrol To Rescue Border Crossers

AZBD Note: Our Search And Rescue Team has come across many lone illegal aliens lost in the desert, some not far from death and not once did they complain that we found them. Nor did they care we called Border Patrol. They were always thankful that we found them and that they wouldn’t die in the desert. How many illegal aliens has the ALCU rescued from the desert?


In letters sent today to Pima and Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s office, the ACLU of Arizona demanded that 911 operators not seek the assistance of Border Patrol agents, which are frequently the most immediate source of safety for illegal entrants stranded in the desert.

The demand suprised many as this week, is the beginning of the hottest and most deadly time of the year for entrants.

Specifically, the ACLU is demanding that Pima County and Santa Cruz County reform the practice of selectively referring certain distress calls to Border Patrol’s search and rescue unit, BORSTAR, while initiating traditional search and rescue operations for others.