AZ Republic is delusional “Janet Napolitano wasn’t perfect, but she kept us safe”

The editorial staff of The Arizona Republic states “Janet Napolitano wasn’t perfect, but she kept us safe”. I don’t think Brian Terry’s family would agree. Nor would Rob Krentz’s family. Nor would any of the ranchers or home owners that live near the border, or even 80 miles North of the border who can’t leave their houses unguarded for fear of being broken into. Nor would many Border Patrol and ICE agents agree. If Janet Napolitano had done her job we wouldn’t be getting hundreds of videos of illegal aliens, drug smugglers, and ARMED drug smugglers walking through the Southern Arizona desert 30+ miles North of the border with Mexico.

As these videos prove the border is NOT secure, and we are NOT safe. The blame isn’t completely with Janet Napolitano. Barrak Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton and many of their minions are equally to blame for the open borders lawlessness that goes on every day.