Aztlan Rising–A New, Anti-American, National Consciousness Being Created Among Many Mexican-Americans

AZBD Note: The unholy alliance of the Communists and invaders means this will not end peacefully. Prepare accordingly.


One of the first theories many immigration patriots first get introduced to is the idea of Aztlan, what many Chicano activists call the American Southwest. Aztlan is supposed to be a newly independent Chicano homeland someday, the ethnostate for Mestizos eager to throw off the American Empire and set up their own republic of blood and soil built upon the old identity of the Aztecs.

Not surprisingly, the Southern Poverty Law Center calls this idea simply a “conspiracy theory” made up by “nativists” [Exploring Nativist Conspiracy Theories Including The ‘North American Union’ And The Plan De Aztlan, by Heidi Beirich, Southern Poverty Law Center, July 1, 2007]. It certainly sounds unrealistic. But it’s an idea that keeps popping up in “pro-immigration” protests.