“Black Americans” speaking out against illegal immigration. They must be racist too!

Several news articles today about “Black Americans” speaking out about illegal aliens being imported into our country by our own government. Are they racist now too? We call them simply Americans because we do not care what race you are. You are either an American or you are not. If you are not an American and you want to come to the United States of American then come here LEGALLY. Note that the term “illegal alien” is also a legal term which describes a foreigners legal status of being in our country. It has nothing to do with race.

It is important to understand illegal aliens are not the enemy. They are simply pawns being used by the America hating Globalists in both the Democrat and Republican parties to destroy America by flooding our country with millions of uneducated foreigners who don’t give a damn about America.

Houston black woman goes on EPIC rant about unaccompanied illegals – “Why can’t they go back?”

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