Border Audio – McAllen, Texas – ACORN for Illegal Aliens – Meet the Southwest Key Programs


Border Audio –  McAllen, Texas – ACORN for Illegal Aliens – Meet the Southwest Key Programs

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 (Border Patrol agent transports un-accompanied minors from the Ursula Ave. holding facility in McAllen, TX to various Southwest Key facilities.)

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ACORN for Illegal Aliens – Meet the Southwest Key Programs
La Raza’s Southwest Key Programs. Underground railroad for illegal immigrants

Are you curious who has been facilitating the transport of illegal alien children throughout the country? Look no more… meet La Raza connected Southwest Key Programs. This organization is the pipeline for the children into US refugee camps and homes across the nation. They provide immigrant youth shelters. It is a well-oiled machine that was set up to educate and reintegrate youth into American society. They also provide training for jobs. And baby, they are hiring.

Southwest Key Programs is a national nonprofit organization providing transformative education, innovative safe shelters and alternatives to incarceration for over 200,000 youth and their families annually, while creating opportunities for their families to become self-sufficient.

Southwest Key Programs ranks 5th among the Top Hispanic Nonprofits in America, employing a creative and diverse staff of over 2,200 employees.

Their specialty is reunifying illegal minors with their families. They are the underground railroad for the American invasion from the South. They are nationalistic in their connections and leadership. Heavily connected to the La Raza Roundtable,

Dr. Juan Sanchez, El Presidente/CEO and Founder. Founded Southwest Key in 1987
National Council of La Raza General Board of Directors

Victor Garza, Board Chair, July 2004 to Present, Chair, La Raza Roundtable
Resident of Fresno, California

Orlando Martinez, Board Vice Chair, March 2007 to Present
Founder and Senior Partner of Martinez Tjaden, LLP (The Martinez Tjaden, LLP is a unique association of specialists in the planning and development of programs for at-risk juveniles and juvenile offenders.)

Anselmo Villarreal, Board Treasurer, February 2012 to Present
CEO, La Casa de Esperanza

Rosa Santis, Board Secretary, February 2011 to Present
President and CEO, Pedro SS Services, Inc. in East Austin (Pedro Ss Services Inc is a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking company running freight hauling business from Austin, Texas.

They are connected to the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

About Unaccompanied Children’s Services:

“Following the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) mission, which is founded on the belief that new arriving populations have inherent capabilities when given opportunities, ORR/ Division of Children Services/Unaccompanied Alien Children program provides unaccompanied alien children (UAC) with a safe and appropriate environment as well as client-focused highest quality of care to maximize the UAC’s opportunities for success both while in care, and upon discharge from the program to sponsors in the U.S. or return to home country, to assist them in becoming integrated members of our GLOBAL SOCIETY.”