BREAKING: Border Patrol Union Drops Trump Bombshell, People Are Shocked 7/20/2017

You know President Trump is doing something right because illegal immigrants hate him while border patrol agents love him.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, says that agent morale is at an all time high because President Trump is giving them the freedom and tools they need to protect our border (via Fox News)

President Trump has been prioritizing the deportation of illegal aliens accused of violent crimes. Other illegal aliens are a lower priority but will face deportation if they run into immigration officials.

This tougher approach has caused illegal border crossings to plummet because the costs are too high for illegal immigrants to risk sneaking into America.

These drops in illegal crossings come as President Trump fights with Congress to improve funding of the much-needed wall on the Southern border. Funding for the wall is expected to be included in the congressional budget released this September.

Even without the wall, President Trump is getting results. “Whether you’re on the Left, Right or middle, you have to say this President has done exactly what he’s promised to do,” explained Brandon Judd. Border agents could not be happier. After eight years under Obama, they finally have a President willing to work with them instead of against them.

The Department of Homeland Security is scheduled to create prototypes for a border wall later this month.

President Trump reveals how much one man can accomplish if they are committed to a goal. Former President Obama made no effort to curb illegal immigration and allowed it to flourish. That isn’t happening now.