BREAKING – Shots Fired At Mexico Border, US Border Patrol Involved…

Angry Patriot Movement, 1/2/2017

Our borders are leaking and everyone knows it. Criminals of all sorts are piling into our country and it needs to stop.

Last night, it was reported that shots were fired on the Southern Arizona border, apparently by cartel gunman who are operating a known smuggling ring. (via Breitbart)

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection provided the following statement:

“An agent assigned to a mobile surveillance unit near Hereford Road heard several shots fired and observed two unknown individuals with a rifle at a distance.”

“An unoccupied Border Patrol vehicle next to the surveillance unit was struck by bullets. The agent was not injured and did not return fire.”

“Multiple Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and law enforcement responded to the area in an effort to locate the suspects. The suspects fled the area on foot and have not been located.”

While giving his testimony earlier this year, Border Patrol Commission Mark Morgan revealed some startling statistics, including that our border patrol agents are THE most assaulted federal agents in service.

Sadly, we rarely hear about these attacks and when the border patrol does make the news, the mainstream media chooses to report corruption stories about agents taking bribes to let these criminals cross into our country.

The reality is that most agents are doing a very dangerous job while understaffed and under-equipped. The cartels literally have armies with them and our agents are often nothing more than a bump on the road on their way into our country.

“The Wall” was one of the most discussed topics during the election, and for good reason. Those of us that live in the south face the repercussion of loose borders every day of our lives.

However, for most of the country, this was not considered an issue until this election, when Trump brought to light many of the gang, drug, and crime problems we have throughout our country. These problems are a direct result of our southern borders being so porous.

Our border agents cannot do their jobs if we do not train, arm, and support them properly. Luckily, for ALL Americans, that will start happening in about 20 days.