*HOAX* California quietly passes law allowing Illegal Immigrants to become cops.

flyerAZBD Note: UPDATED: This is a hoax. But the sad fact is Kalifonristan is run by such nutjobs this article sounded plausible.

From callthecops.net:

The California Senate held an impromptu special session this weekend to vote on a bill few people knew was in the pipeline. The bill, which was approved, will allow illegal immigrants to be hired as police officers.

Representative Jack Iactans is the author of the bill. Iactans medically retired from the California Highway Patrol after an on-duty motorcycle crash, which ultimately resulted in his left leg being amputated. Unhappy with how the system treated him, Iactans became an activist for disabled police. His activism activities eventually lead to him seeking political office.

According to Rep Iactans this new change to police officer standards will improve the profession of policing in his state. The politician also hopes his bill will be a model for other states to also do the same.