Disease coming across the borders illegally isn’t enough. Now they will import an Ebola patient.

Apparently we don’t have enough disease coming across the border illegally. According to this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article and this wsoctv.com article Emory Healthcare is going to “treat” an Ebola patient. The article from wsoctv.com states the patient will be one of the American doctors who contacted Ebola while working in Africa.

The mainstream media claims there is nothing to fear because Ebola can only be transmitted via bodily fluids. In case you have been living under a rock or you happen to be a liberal, the mainstream media lies to you every single day about the economy, the border, what is going on over seas and just about everything else. If it is true Ebola can only be spread via bodily fluids then how did these two American doctors contract this virus? Were they both completely careless? If that is the case they should probably stay in Africa especially seeing as how there isn’t a cure. It’s doubtful these doctors were careless. They reportedly were taking every precaution while treating patients. This doesn’t make sense. When something doesn’t make sense there usually are facts missing.

According to a study done in 2012 primates and pigs were able to contract Ebola without any direct contact. This study does theorize that large droplets could have been airborne and transmitted the disease. This makes more sense as to how these doctors contracted it. Why bring these doctors back to America when there isn’t much we can do for them and it’s possible this virus can possibly be spread through the air? Again… It doesn’t make sense.