Don’t Look Now, But Mexico Just Busted A Migrant Caravan

JAZZ SHAW Posted at 2:31 pm on April 23, 2019

Less than a week ago, President Trump issued a stern warning to the government of Mexico. They would need to step up their efforts to halt these caravans of migrants surging toward the United States or we would need to take steps that could impact both domestic policy on the southern border and endanger trade negotiations with that country. Do you think President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was paying attention?

The news from the southern portion of Mexico last night would indicate that he received the message loud and clear. A new migrant caravan had been making their way north, but instead of being welcomed with applications for asylum, hundreds were arrested by federal police and detained to await deportation. (Associated Press)

Central American migrants hoping to reach the U.S. now carry the added anxiety of the pursued after Mexican police and immigration agents detained hundreds in a surprise raid on a caravan in Mexico’s south.

While their compatriots were been taken into custody Monday, hundreds of other migrants scrambled away into the brush along the highway in Chiapas state to elude authorities.

Many had already learned they would not be received in towns with the same hospitality that greeted previous caravans, and now they know they won’t be safe walking along the rural highway either. Mexican authorities detained hundreds in the largest single raid on a migrant caravan since the groups started moving through the country last year.

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