End of the Rule of Law: DHS Director Jeh Johnson Says The Days Of Enforcing Immigration Law Are Over

6.5x3_resistingtyrannyAZBD Note: You need to be prepared for the complete breakdown of the rule of law. Once a Nation Tyrant goes down this path of not enforcing just laws it isn’t long until the tyrant begins making up new laws that were never passed (The DREAM act was never passed but is already being enforced). 

From redflagnews.com:

Who would have believed that we’d ever come to this? The person in charge of every aspect of the federal enforcement of our immigration laws just proclaimed to a gathering of mayors that he is not going to do his job, he is not going to enforce immigration law, and that nobody in the future will return to enforcement once his treasonous criminal tenure at DHS has ended.

That’s exactly what just happened when DHS Director Jeh Johnson addressed a meeting of mayors from around the nation in Washington DC on Thursday. It wasn’t long ago that this type of criminality by a government official would not have been tolerated, let alone promoted. Johnson and Obama both would have at a minimum been impeached by now. Things have changed. It is becoming accepted that America is ruled by criminals who are above the law. As long as they make a semi-convincing argument, no real challenge is brought forth.

Johnson was touting his program of not enforcing the law, a “deferred action” in which action continues to be deferred in perpetuity. Johnson said, “Deferred action is not a lawful status, it’s not like lawful permanent residence. It is temporary in nature, for a two-year period. And it basically says, for a two-year period, this individual is lawfully present in the United States.”