ENDGAME: Republicans pass bill to fund Obama’s illegal amnesty, destroying their own future.

Say goodbye to the Republican party and to the United States of America. Today the House voted voted 257-167 on a bill to fund Obama’s illegal amnesty for illegal aliens. This bill will allow 20-30 million illegal aliens to stay in the country without fear of deportation (they are still illegal aliens). Although it technically does not give illegal aliens the right to vote it will be very easy for illegal aliens to register to vote since the only thing standing in their way is answering yes to the question of “Are you a US citizen?”. Most states have been forced by the Federal government to issue drivers licenses and other forms of ID to illegal aliens so voter ID laws (in the few states that have them) will no longer be a problem. Most illegal aliens come from poor third world nations and when given the chance to vote they will vote for Communist or Socialist candidates, which the Democrat party is full of. With only a little less than two years left until the next Presidential vote it is plenty of time for the Democrat party to ensure enough illegal aliens register to vote in a few key electoral collage states. Regardless of who is the next Republican candidate, the White House will forever belong to the Communist Democrat party.