Establishment Waterboy Hugh Hewitt: “Make the Border Kids Americans”

HangingElephantAZBD Note: Well Hugh, your buddies Boner and McConnell already ensured Obama’s amnesty was passed. You’re wish to destroy this nation was already granted.


Approximately 90,000 minors have entered the country in the two years since President Obama, whether out of the best of intentions, cynical political calculation or as another of his serial expressions of incompetence, allowed the idea to take hold abroad that kids who were brought to the country would be allowed to stay. Numbers are swelling rapidly and detention centers are bursting at the seams. Among them are thousands of unaccompanied Central American children—approximately 52,000 since October, according to federal records.

Now, the United States has, in effect, a refugee crisis unlike any it has faced since the Mariel boat-lift exodus from Cuba in 1980, or the mass Vietnamese flight from the communists in the years following the fall of Saigon.