GOA: ATF Seeks to Suppress AR-15’s by Banning Common AR-15 Ammo

AZBD Note: Obviously this isn’t about illegal immigration. However if the ATF were truly concerned about the welfare of law enforcement they wouldn’t have been giving guns to Mexican drug cartels. The ATF’s actions have killed more American law enforcement actions than M855 ammo ever has. This is part of the war on Americans ability to defend themselves.

From GOA:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is proposing to illegally suppress the AR-15 by banning SS109 and M855 ammunition for that rifle as “armor piercing ammunition” under a 1986 statute banning certain types of ammunition — a statute which amended the Gun Control Act of 1968.

The bottom line:  SS109 and M855 “green tip” ammunition — with a traditional lead core and a steel tip — does not fit within the two-part test required by the armor piercing bullet ban.  Rather, this is an illegal attempt to ban or limit AR-15’s by banning types of AR-15 ammunition.

Moreover, any particular ammunition can be, and has been, exempted if it has a sporting purpose. Well, according to surveys, the AR-15 is used for target shooting or hunting over 50% of the time — thereby, making its ammunition easily fit within the “sporting purpose” test, no matter what the composition of the ammunition.

Urge your Senators to do everything in their power to “defund” or overturn the ATF’s ban on SS109 and M855 “green tip” ammunition.

Also, urge them to hold up the nomination of Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch until the ATF backs down from its unlawful gun ban.

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