House bill to repeal ‘Executive Amnesty’ has no hope. Introduced by two Republicans who voted FOR funding amnesty.

FAIR posted this article titled “House Bill Would Restore Respect for Immigration Law and the Constitutional Process”. That sounds like a great idea except there is one big problem with it. Obama will veto it and the Republicans in the House and Senate can’t veto it; and even if they had the numbers wouldn’t override a veto because they are not a true opposition party. Of the three Republicans who are sponsoring the bill, only Lamar Smith (R-Texas) voted against the “CRomnibus” bill which funded Obama’s illegal amnesty. The other two “Republicans” Reps. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.) and Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) voted for it. Click here for a roll call vote on the “CRomnibus” bill. If these two “Representatives” truly were against the illegal executive action amnesty why didn’t they vote against the “CRomnibus” bill which funded it?

This bill has absolutely ZERO chance of becoming law. This is nothing more than a save face bill for these two RINO’s to claim they tried to stop Obama’s amnesty when in reality they are guilty of treason by funding the amnesty in the first place. This is more smoke and mirrors from the fake opposition party. There is no difference between the two major parties. If you are expecting the Republicans to defund the amnesty in February, you’re going to be very disappointed.