House passes pointless “overturn of Obama’s amnesty” a month after the House funded amnesty.

AZBD Note: This is another pointless vote where the GOP can point to it and say “See! We voted against Obama’s amnesty! It’s too bad Obama vetoed it.” It’s the same bullshit Congress has done with Obamacare where they fund it but then hold a ceremonial vote against what they funded. This bill will either not pass the Senate or King Barry will veto it and the fake opposition party (Republicans) will not be able to override the veto. If the fake Republican party was truly against the amnesty they would have not funded it in the first place in last months “CRomnibus” bill. Do not be fooled by this bullshit. If your Representative voted for the CRomnibus bill then they are FOR AMNESTY. Click here to see how your Representative voted to fund amnesty and Obamacare.


The Republican-led House voted Wednesday to overturn President Obama’s immigration actions from last November — and to unravel a directive from 2012 protecting immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children — sending the bill to the Senate where it faces an uncertain fate.

The House voted 236-191 to approve the legislation, which funds the Homeland Security Department through the rest of the budget year to the tune of $40 billion. But as part of that bill, Republicans added provisions to gut the president’s immigration directives.

Despite deep Democratic opposition, the House voted 237-190 on an amendment to undo the actions Obama announced in November that provide temporary deportation relief, and offer work permits, to some 4 million illegal immigrants.