Trump Sworn in Patriots Win 

TRUMP IS IN……. now what? CHANGE….. Friday was a huge win for the sane people of the world. The man who we have supported, and selected to make America great again. He is now sworn in as our Commander and Chief, the speech left many enraged, and many many more “obviously” amped up. We are ready to take this country back. I know I screamed HELL YES, and AMEN more then twice. He sure knows how to get the III% mind on board….. but now the time for talk is over. Will he build the wall? What dose it mean for jobs in Arizona? Who will build it? Are the illegals, and cartel members we catch going to finally be held responsible for their actions? Will the snowflakes riot, pillage and deface our cities until civil war breaks out? Questions, questions, question. Like I said, the time for talk is over, and he is already on the war path. Watching Mad Dog sworn in, I’m sure made many Marines foam at the mouth. They are ready to grab freedom, and mother Liberty by the pu**y. The Marines are ready to execute change, Mad Dog will undoubtably bring some old school tough love back to our armed forces. Also, Trump has already signed an executive order to slow down the erroneous shit show, that is Osama Care. And to top it all off within the month, “rumor has it” that on the 30th Trump will sit down with the President of Mexico to discuss relations, expectations, and obviously his plans… maybe say a wall…? Their treat?.. Will he stick to his guns, sack up, and make us great again? Or will it all fall apart!?!?… He’s on track so far… now the fun part….. ACTION!

Heads on a swivel, eyes on the white house, stay vigilant patriots.