Idiotic “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” protests canceled over “cartel threats”.

Several news outlets are reporting the “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” protests were canceled hours before they were to begin due to supposed cartel threats over Facebook. This is complete nonsense. The drug cartels aren’t going to care if Americans protest at a port of entry since most of their business is done far out in the desert away from the ports. In fact the people who organized this protest did nothing but help the drug cartels by pulling law enforcement resources to the ports of entry. Most American’s realized its stupid to protest illegal immigration and drug smuggling by attempting to block ports of entry where LEGAL immigration and legal commerce is done. The organizers realized this was going to be a major failure so they canceled it and made up this fake threat to save face.

The only thing that came out of this is it proved the Federal Government is far more concerned about the American people obeying the law than it is with illegal aliens and drug smugglers breaking the law.