Illegal alien arrested again in Delaware after four deportations


Today we find yet another heartwarming story on the immigration front, this time from the northeast. You may recall that we recently discussed the story of a Mexican “undocumented immigrant” in Utah who was arrested after having been previously deported three time. That one sounded like it might set some sort of record, but if so it wasn’t one which stood for long. Richard Diaz-Garcia of the Dominican Republic puts that guy to shame. He was just arrested in Delaware after having been deported four times since 2000. (USA Today)

A man deported from the United States at least four times since 2000 — each time following an arrest in Delaware — was arrested here again in February, this time with a bag of cash, according to a document made public by the FBI.

Wilmington police suspected that Richard Diaz-Garcia, a citizen of the Dominican Republic, was in the United States illegally after he was arrested Feb. 1 in Newark, Del., about 15 miles away, according to court records.

Officers seized $5,000 that Diaz-Garcia held in a black bag, and $393 that he had in his pockets, according to the FBI document. Wilmington Police spokeswoman Andrea Janvier did not respond to requests for comment about the arrest, and why it reportedly took place in Newark.

The economy must be picking up indeed if Mr. Diaz-Garcia had nearly $5,400 in cash on him. What was he doing carrying around that much money? Did he lose his debit card? Perhaps he’s running a vending machine business and simply hadn’t had a chance to make it to the bank yet. Or possibly his job involved some less accountable merchandise.

Diaz-Garcia’s criminal record in Delaware stretches back to 1999 when he was arrested on drug charges and pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute cocaine and resisting arrest. He was deported to the Dominican Republic in 2000.

Another question which jumps to mind is how this guy keeps getting back into the country with such apparent ease. He’s not being dropped off across the border in Mexico where he can simply catch the next convenient tunnel under the border. He’s coming from the Dominican Republic. He’s either one heck of a seaman or he’s racking up more frequent flyer miles than I do. With multiple deportations and felony convictions it’s hard to believe that he’s making it through airport security that easily. Heck… I have a hard enough time getting through the TSA line at Reagan in time to catch a cab to my hotel.

So what keeps drawing Richard back to Delaware like a moth to a flame? ICE reports indicate that he has either a girlfriend or a wife (who can be sure these days) in the First State along with two children. Is this one of those families we don’t want to break up which Barack Obama is always talking about? I’m sure his better half is upset about her significant other’s frequent, government sponsored air travel, but if the guy is a cocaine dealer I’m not sure this is one of the best and brightest that we’re trying to attract through our immigration policies.

We still have a revolving door in terms of attempting to remove illegal aliens. Just deporting them isn’t good enough if we can’t control their ability to turn around and come back in. Until securing the borders, beaches, seaports and airports is accomplished, all other talk of immigration reform is simply bailing water out of the canoe without fixing the gaping hole in the hull.