Illegal Aliens being released with work permits.

NewImmigrantsAZBD Note: As we just posted here, don’t expect the fake Republicans to rescue the country from this intentional destruction because they are the ones who allowed it to happen.


A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies, obtained in advance by Breitbart News, argues that under President Obama’s executive amnesty certain undocumented immigrants are being released from detention facilities and are eligible for work permits.

“Starting almost immediately after the president’s announcement in November, ICE offices around the country were directed to go through their caseload of illegal aliens in the process of being deported and start releasing all those who by the stroke of the president’s pen were no longer priorities for enforcement,” the report, authored by CIS expert Jessica Vaughan reads.

“And, under current policy, many of these illegal aliens – many of whom have criminal records and/or prior deportations — are getting work permits too,” Vaughan adds.