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All Arizona Border Defenders members go through a screening process which includes a background check. Anyone with any serious criminal history or past ties to racist groups is denied membership. There is a one time, non-refundable Volunteer Registration Fee of $20 is required of all volunteers to cover expenses for the background check and administrative fees.  If you have a valid CCW permit you do NOT need to pay the membership fee!

If you have a Law Enforcement I.D. or CCW please send a copy of the I.D or CCW to:

AZ Border Defenders
7630 S. Avenida de Pina
Tucson, AZ 85747

**NOTE If you want to join the AZBD SAR Team (to do border ops) you must be a full or part time resident of the state of Arizona. We do NOT accept members from other states for the SAR Team. If you are in another state our advice to you is find a local group and train to protect your own area as the war is no longer on the border.**

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