La Raza goes PC: NCLR drops “La Raza” out of their Name after 50 years.

Ron Thompson: La Raza is going Politically Correct in trying to remove the label of a racist organization. Also due to the negative stigma that has been attached to them in the same light as many criminal latino gangs and their uber radical element the Brown Berets. But as we all know, “you can dress up a pig and teach it to sing, but it is still a pig”.

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From: Jeff Schwilk

Sent: Tue, Jul 11, 2017 2:40 pm
Subject: NCLR drops “La Raza” (The Brown Race) out of their Name after 50 years

The National Council of La Raza (“The Brown Race”) is finally dropping their racist name. NCLR is nothing more than an agressive Mexican front group and hate group operating in the U.S. to promote, aid, and abet the illegal “migration” of millions of Mexican citizen aliens into the U.S. as part of the Mexican “Reconquista” to reclaim the Southwest U.S., which Mexico claims we stole from them in the 1800’s – we didn’t. La Raza does NOT recognize our sovereign southern border, nor our immigration laws.

The term “La Raza” has long been the arrogant battle cry and rallying call for the Mexican nationalists, aliens, invaders and criminals in the U.S. They proudly shout “Viva La Raza” at all their rallies and protests and put it on their signs (see attached). They do not hide their hatred for Americans, especially anglo Americans. For decades they have been saying that ‘there is no way the white man can stop them from taking back their “Aztlan” land in America’. But ever since our secure borders/anti-illegal immigration movement took off in 2005 with the Minuteman border watch operations and we began exposing these foreign insurgents operating inside the U.S., their name has been a liability for them and they have failed at least 5 times to achieve their main coveted goal in our Congress – full mass amnesty for at least 15 million illegal Mexican citizens hiding in our country. Their campaign to intimidate and guilt Americans into letting their foreign criminals stay in our country has failed miserably as evidenced by the election thousands of good secure borders candidates across the country in the past 10 years culminating with the election of President Donald Trump last November.

So NCLR is finally giving in and changing their name. They are now “UnidosUS”. Good luck with that one, La Raza/Mexico. I’m sure many Mexican loyalists are not happy they are dropping their longtime namesake for a more PC name in their ongoing effort to convince ignorant Americans that illegal Mexican immigration and occupation is good for our country. Thankfully most Americans are now wide awake to their game and reject their open border propaganda and hatred towards proud Americans. Check out their spin below on their name change.

Jeff Schwilk
Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders
USMC Retired [] On Behalf Of Janet Murguía

Dear Jeff,
I have some exciting news to share with you. NCLR is officially UnidosUS!
Since 1968, we have built a powerful, rich legacy we can be proud of. So you may ask, “why change now?”
The truth is that it was you—our own community—who led us to this moment.
Three years ago, as we prepared to celebrate our upcoming 50th anniversary, we evaluated how our organization reaches Latinos and others throughout the country. We learned there was strong recognition of our mission and history. But we also found that the NCLR name was not engaging younger and more diverse audiences who are critical to our mission and our nation’s future.
Our community—and indeed our country—has changed greatly in the past 50 years. So we have to make sure we evolve along with it.

UnidosUS reflects what we have been doing for decades—finding common ground with all those who want to make our country stronger and fairer. And we will continue to do that.
We have united our own community (Mexicans and Latinos) by giving voice and access to opportunities to Hispanics of all backgrounds. We will continue to do that.
We have united our Affiliate partners (mostly Mexican front groups) —the nearly 300 community-based organizations nationwide that directly serve folks and help them achieve their dreams. We will continue to do that.
And as a nonpartisan organization, we have united across the political spectrum and will continue to advocate for policies that secure brighter futures for all.
So while our name is changing, our mission is not. We will continue to work together with you to build a stronger America by creating opportunities for Latinos.
I know we have plenty of work ahead. But I am beyond thrilled and hopeful about what we can achieve together—unidos.
Janet Murguía, President and CEO
PS: I would love to know what you think! What does unidos mean to you? Let me know here.