Major Terror Alert! Close everything!!! Well except the border…

According to the official government propaganda sources (what passes for news in this country) there is another big terror alert. Headlines such as “Intercepted communication between Al Qaeda leaders prompted terror warning” are all over the place. According to Senator Saxby Chambliss the communication between terrorists is “very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11,”. Except 9/11 was an attack they say they didn’t see coming. But never-mind that. What was with all the news about run running in Benghazi on Friday? Oh, thats what this is all about. They need a convenient distraction.

If there is such a major terror alert, why are the borders wide open? People cross the border illegally every day and we have no clue of who they are. It could be a guy who wants to mow your lawn. It could be a guy who wants to work in a restaurant. It could be a drug smuggler, a murder or a real terrorist. But they won’t dare secure the border. That would go against the globalist agenda.

Here are some more new videos of illegal aliens and drug smugglers. Who are these people?