Mexico to legalize vigilantes fighting drug cartel

AZBD Note: The media loves to use the term “vigilante” for any citizen who fights crime when the government refuses to do its job. If Mexico had respected the God Given right of armed self defense they wouldn’t have the huge problems with organized crime they have now.


APATZINGAN, Mexico (AP) — Mexico’s government plans on Saturday to begin demobilizing a vigilante movement of assault rifle-wielding ranchers and farmers that formed in the western state of Michoacan and succeeded in largely expelling the Knights Templar cartel when state and local authorities couldn’t.

The ceremony in the town of Tepalcatepec, where the movement began in February 2013, will involve the registration of thousands of guns by the federal government and an agreement that the so-called “self-defense” groups will either join a new official rural police force or return to their normal lives and acts as voluntary reserves when called on.