Nogales officials shut down 481-foot drug tunnel that crossed the U.S.-Mexico border


NOGALES, AZ – Authorities shut down the longest drug tunnel ever found in Nogales, Ariz., Monday night after a multi-agency investigation by the Nogales Tunnel Task Force.

The tunnel clocked in at 481 feet and runs between two private homes on both sides of the border, in Nogales, Sonora and in Nogales, Ariz. Most of the tunnel is in the U.S., with only 70 feet stretching into Mexico, officials said.

Mexican nationals Jose Solorzano Flores, 41, and Jose Mario Armenta-Valdez, 41, and U.S. citizen Jesus Alberto Ramirez-Valencia, 22, were charged with drug conspiracy charges and made an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Tucson on Tuesday.