Obama Orders Border Patrol Agents to Be ‘Nicer’ to Illegals – Now THIS is Happening

Angrypatriotmovement.com/ 12/25/2016

As if we weren’t yet convinced, President Obama, once again, makes it clear that he loves non-Americans more than Americans.

This time, the issue is along our southern border, where it appears illegal aliens now have more rights than our own Border Patrol agents. Obama has ordered officials to decrease their use of force and the results have been staggering. Assaults on Border Patrol agents are up 230 per cent, via Breitbart.com.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officials (CBP) reported that 149 agents were assaulted over October and November, compared to just 45 over that same time period in 2015.

At the same time, punishments for those convicted of assaulting Border Patrol agents are less severe than for those who have assaulted other law enforcement officers.

The assaults on the CBP can be quite dangerous in nature, involving any number of weapons, including improvised ones. Maybe it should be labeled attempted murder rather than an assault?

And sometimes the agents are actually met with gunfire, as was the case during Thanksgiving week when two officials were shot while protecting the Rio Grande Valley Sector. Fortunately, both survived.

“We will not tolerate assaults on our agents by criminals, and will vigorously pursue Assault on a Federal Officer prosecution against anyone who perpetrates such violence,” said David S Kim, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent, in a written statement.

So, we won’t “tolerate assaults.” Well, we won’t stop them, either. We are having force used against us, but cannot return it.

Obama is the master of rewriting the narrative. For example, in the case of the two shot officers, the statement surrounding the case stated that it was not determined whether the officials were targeted or if they were struck by stray bullets. Right. A stray bullet to the chest.

Why are we protecting the guilty? What’s wrong with this picture? What we have here is a typical case of Obama propaganda. Obama does one thing while claiming to do another. But, where in the world is the truth? I would argue that the truth is in the statistics. Like the ones at the hospital, for example.

Obama has spent the last eight years being anti-American. Special thanks to the wise people who established term limits in this country. We may still be able to salvage what’s left of our nation.