Republicans vote again to destroy America in TPA/TPP vote.

HangingElephantThe Republicans had already destroyed their own future by voting to fund Obama’s illegal executive amnesty. With most states having no real way of preventing illegal aliens from voting the Republicans turned many “purple” swing states into solid blue Democrat states overnight. But now Pelosi and the Democrats are setting themselves up to blame the destruction of America on the Republicans with the TPP/TPA vote. The TPP passed in the house but the TPA did not. The Republican establishment will try to pass the TPA again next week. We can already see how this will play out. Just enough Democrats will vote for the TPA to pass it, along with the vast majority of Republicans except for the few that aren’t into committing treason. Then a year down the road when we start feeling the effects of NAFTA on steroids, and right in the prime of the 2016 elections the Democrats can say they opposed the TPP and the Republicans sold their country out, which will be 100% correct. Combine this with the fact that many illegals will be voting means the Republicans have virtually zero percent chance of winning the Presidency, and will probably loose control of both the House and the Senate.

Live updates on the TPP/TPA vote from here.