RNC to House: Pass Immigration Reforms to Help U.S. Employers

From breitbart.com:

In an apparent nod to the donor class, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has called on lawmakers in the House of Representatives to pass an immigration bill aimed at helping companies that say they need immigrant workers.

Time’s Zeke Miller reported Friday that the RNC has passed a resolution at its annual event in Boston that calls on lawmakers to pass an immigration bill in 2013. The measure reads:

Resolved, that the Republican National Committee calls upon both Democrat and Republican members of Congress and the President to immediately authorize and complete construction of the double fence along our southern border that was approved in 2006 and is still not completed and sufficient law enforcement or military personnel to patrol; and create an effective means of enforcement for legal visitors who have not followed the terms of their entry into the country; and step up the penalty for illegally entering the United States from misdemeanor to felony.

The RNC also called on Congress and President Barack Obama “to implement immigration reform during the 2013 session based upon a merit system that emphasizes the economic contribution of each working immigrant can add to our nation.” The GOP similarly called on Congress and Obama to “create a new class of work permit that allows illegal immigrants who were brought into our country as minor children, and who have not violated any other laws of the U.S. to come forward and register and be allowed to remain and work in the U.S.”