Scott Walker’s Rise Brings Changing Views on Amnesty Into Focus

AZBD Note: If you believe Walker has changed his mind and is now against amnesty you must be a special kind of stupid.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s shifting position on illegals and immigration reform is coming under greater scrutiny now that he is doing well in early state primary polls.

In 2006, Walker favored giving undocumented immigrants the right to work and legalizing their status as part of a larger — and ultimately unsuccessful — immigration reform package crafted in 2005 by the late Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

Nowadays, Walker is firmly opposed to any plan that smacks of amnesty, Politico reported.

He recently told ABC News, “We need to secure the border. I think we need to enforce the legal system. I’m not for amnesty. I’m not an advocate of the plans that have been pushed here in Washington.”