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Newly licensed illegals to be driving AZ streets

AZBD Note: And what do most people also do when they get a drivers license? Register to vote also. Who overwhelmingly votes for socialist/communist candidates? Good little Marxists from third world hell…


‘Dreamer’ Promoted By Durbin Laughs About Using US Flag As Prop For ‘Messaging’

From breitbart.com: A prominent “Dreamer” activist named Alaa Mukahhal took to social media to laugh about her cynical use of the American flag as a prop for “messaging” after her…


‘Dreamer’ Immigration Activist Tweeted About Killing, Eating ‘White Invaders’

From breitbart.com: Prominent comprehensive immigration reform advocate Prerna Lal, who is originally from Fiji, tweeted in July that people should not “mess with Fijians” since she claimed that Fijians had…