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Man caught in AZ desert to be deported for 17th time

From kpho.com: STANFIELD, AZ (CBS5) – An illegal immigrant found in Vekol Valley along Interstate 8 is expected to be deported for a 17th time. On Wednesday, a Pinal County…


Obama seizes N.M. land for Mexican cartels and Agenda 21.

The Washington Times is reporting that President Obama will declare about 500,000 acres as the “Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument” in Southern New Mexico. This is a two for the price…


AZBD Field Report: New Trail Camera Video

9 drug smugglers, 30 miles north of the border near Tucson AZ – AZ Border Defenders 4 drug smugglers, 30 miles north of the border near Tucson AZ – AZ…


Obama Administration Issues Border Patrol Restrictions: Smile and Wave at the Drug Smugglers

From dcclothesline.com: According to Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution, “The Congress shall have Power to provide for calling for the Militia to execute the Laws of the…


AZBD Field Report – Four new trail cam videos

Three Drug Smugglers round trip – AZ Border Defenders 8 drug smugglers, 30 miles north of the border near Tucson AZ – AZ Border Defenders 8 illegal alien amnesty seekers…

Steve King

Steve King Was Right: 12-Year Old Illegal Alien Caught Smuggling Marijuana

From breitbart.com: Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was right: illegal alien minors have, in fact, been used to smuggle large volumes of illicit drugs into the United States of America on…


Three Years of Smuggling on One Trail

SecureBorderIntel.org released a video titled  “Three Years of Smuggling on One Trail” which shows all the traffic on one trail. It’s similar to our 2012 video which shows 1072 Illegal…

Steve King

Hate Fact Hysteria: They (Including GOP Leadership) Come For Steve King. They Can Get Lost

From vdare.com: Not since Todd Akin’s comments about rape and pregnancy has the Conservatism Inc. Establishment targeted a Republican as they have immigration patriot Rep. Steve King R.-Iowa). In fact,…

Armed Drug Smuggler

The border problem is actually much worse than Steve King described

From examiner.com: Recently, Rep. Steve King drew the ire of Democrats and many open-borders Republicans alike, for characterizing many young illegal aliens as drug mules. For everyone who’s a valedictorian,…


Steve King was right about young illegal alien drug smugglers, and we have the video proof.

In this Newsmax interview Rep Steve King made the following comment about young illegal aliens that would be made American citizens by the treasonous Gang of 8′s amnesty bill: “For…

Exclusive: White House, GOP Leadership Ignore Facts to Attack Steve King

From breitbart.com: President Barack Obama’s White House Press Secretary Jay Carney joined House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Speaker John Boehner in making an inaccurate attack on Rep. Steve King…


AZBD Field Report: 24 Drug Smullgers on one trail in one week.

Here is a compilation of all the drug smugglers that walked by a single camera within a week.


AZBD Field Report: More drug smugglers caught on video.

Our cameras hidden in the Southern AZ desert continue to catch video of illegal aliens and drug smugglers. We have a backlog of several months of video that we will…

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Three more AZBD trail camera videos of drug smugglers and illegal aliens

Three new videos from our trail cameras have been posted to our YouTube channel.