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No Conference

From nationalreview.com: Chuck Schumer has spent the better part of a year saying how essential it is that immigration reform be dealt with in a comprehensive bill. But he has…

Gang of Treason

McCain: ‘Border Surge’ Amendment to Immigration Bill Was Just for Show

From breitbart.com: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said Tuesday that if the House goes to conference to try to save the Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, the “border surge” amendment…


Report: Gang of Eight, Big Business to Target House GOP on Immigration

From breitbart.com: Sensing support for the Senate’s immigration bill is losing momentum and anticipating the fierce resistance against the bill during the August recess, the Gang of Eight will coordinate…



From breitbart.com: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) reportedly conceded that opponents of the Senate’s immigration bill are winning the messaging battle during a meeting with Gang of Eight members and big…


Marco Rubio in hot water with tea party over immigration bill

From washingtontimes.com: Sen. Marco Rubio’s popularity has plummeted among tea party activists who say the Florida Republican, who helped ignite their movement with his 2010 Senate bid, has failed to…


Evangelical Groups Contradict Pelosi on Bible, Immigration

From breitbart.com: At a press conference on Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed that “the Bible folks” are “getting impatient about Congress taking action” on comprehensive immigration reform….


GOP Reps: Senate Immigration Bill Unconstitutional for Raising Revenues

From breitbart.com: Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, tweeted Wednesday evening that the Senate’s immigration bill is unconstitutional because it raises revenues and…


Poll: Hispanics Want Border Security, Interior Enforcement Before Amnesty

From breitbart.com: A new poll shows that a majority of registered Hispanic voters believe any immigration legislation that becomes law should deal with border security and interior immigration law enforcement…

Communist Party

GOP Immigration plan devised by Communist party

From wnd.com: The U.S. Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration-reform plan, as well as a strikingly similar plan now being backed by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and a bi-partisan House “Gang,”…


5 Immigration Questions for Members of Congress

From heritage.org: It’s July 4 week, which means Members of Congress are at home in their districts. As you head to your nearest town hall meeting, take these questions for…


The Tea Party rises up against amnesty

From powerlineblog.com: It took a while, but the Tea Party movement seems now to be in full cry against amnesty-style immigration reform. The cry isn’t unanimous but, according to this…