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Jeb Bush: U.S. Must Be “Fundamentally Transformed” With Mass Immigration

From patdollard.com: As you will see below, Jeb Bush is just like Obama in that he does not love America as it is, and wants to literally “fundamentally transform” it….

Bush crony and La Raza Agent Alberto Gonzales: Obama’s time for immigration action

Globalist Stooge and La Raza Agent Alberto Gonzales is one of the reasons Border Agents Ramos and Compean went though hell for defending themselves from an armed drug smuggler. Only after…

Boehner’s big immigration decision.

From thehill.com: It’s up to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Republican and Democratic advocates see one final, long-shot chance to pass immigration reform this summer, and its fate rests with a…

The Globalist Party

Jeb Bush: Opposing Amnesty ‘Makes No Sense to Me

AZBD Note: Opposing treason “makes no sense” to Jeb Bush. From breitbart.com: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush courted Wall Street donors on Monday, saying that he could not understand amnesty…

Joe Biden: Illegal Immigrants ‘Already American Citizens’

From breitbart.com: On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden said he believes all of the country’s illegal immigrants are “already American citizens.” “You know, eleven million people live in the shadows….