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Flake/Durbin/Gardner Plan: Amnesty for Millions or Shut Down Government

AZBD Note: More treason from Flake & Friends. From breitbart.com: An expansive amnesty plan for millions of illegal aliens, being led by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and his Democrat and…

Schumer Surrender: “We’re Reopening Government With Commitment to Vote on DACA If Deal Isn’t Reached by February 8th”

AZBD Note: Has hell frozen over? The R Team grew a spine, and what do you know? They won! From breitbart.com: During a speech on the Senate floor on Monday,…

Border Patrol Training Suspended By Partial Government Shutdown

From latino.foxnews.com: By early next year, the Border Patrol’s busiest sector on the Southwest border was supposed to receive about 350 freshly trained agents from its academy in New Mexico….