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WATCH: Mexican Cartel Films Cop’s Interrogation Before Killing Him

AZBD Note: Only when this kind of thing is common in Amerikhastan can we finally celebrate diversity! From breitbart.com: A municipal police officer in Chihuahua who was kidnapped by cartel…

*HOAX* California quietly passes law allowing Illegal Immigrants to become cops.

AZBD Note: UPDATED: This is a hoax. But the sad fact is Kalifonristan is run by such nutjobs this article sounded plausible. From callthecops.net: The California Senate held an impromptu…

Dozens confront Border Patrol agents during Tucson traffic stop

From azstarnet.com: Dozens of protesters tried to use their bodies as shields to prevent the detention of three suspected illegal immigrants stopped in front of Southside Presbyterian Church Tuesday night….