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Islamic Refugees

Cuellar: Syrians Already Entering the U.S., Plan Needed Now Read more: http://www.woai.com/articles/woai-local-news-sponsored-by-five-119078/cuellar-syrians-already-entering-the-us-14160150/#ixzz3szxjLcAp

From woai.com: Border Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) says as the U.S. debates the fate of Syrian refugees, the refugees are coming and will continue to arrive on our southern border,…


Video: Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

When flooding the country with illegal aliens isn’t destroying it fast enough, flood the country with “refugees” from country’s that hate you.


Federales plan to fly Honduran “Refugees” into Amerikhastan.

AZBD Note: Treason. From nytimes.com: Hoping to stem the recent surge of migrants at the Southwest border, the Obama administration is considering whether to allow hundreds of minors and young…


Flying illegals home would be 99.5 percent cheaper than Obama’s plan

From washingtontimes.com: We taxpayers are expected to house, feed, clothe and care for almost 30,000 illegal aliens for a full year, according to the White House’s official request. That’s a…