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New York Times: ‘Ascendant Tea Party’ Responsible for Obama Amnesty Defeat

AZBD Note: The evil globalist plan to destroy America via amnesty for Illegal Aliens is not dead. It has only suffered a temporary setback. The globalists will not stop until America…


From breitbart.com: A post-election survey found that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) support for amnesty legislation influenced a majority of voters who ousted him last week in Virginia’s seventh…

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Laura Ingraham Hammers Tea Party Express’ Sal Russo on Immigration

From breitbart.com: Tea Party Express Chairman Sal Russo defended his support of comprehensive immigration reform and cited a Michael Bloomberg-funded group to support his position on Laura Ingraham’s radio show…


Immigration Reform Could Hinge On Quiet Handful Of Tea Party Conservatives

From latino.foxnews.com: They’re not the conservative faction that has been front and center in the opposition to giving undocumented immigrants a chance to legalize their status and stay and work…


Tea Party Delivers Letters to Congress Opposing Amnesty

From breitbart.com: In the hours before the Congress heads home for August recess, a large coalition of Tea Partiers from around the country delivered letters announcing their opposition to amnesty…


Conservatives Rally Against Amnesty on the Capital’s Streets

From nationalreview.com: An eclectic crowd of protesters gathered today for the March for Jobs rally in Washington, D.C. The march, which was peppered with “Don’t Tread On Me” flags and…

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Congressman: Obama ‘jamming’ amnesty on House

From wnd.com: Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, is warning that the House of Representatives should pass no immigration bill at all rather than risk a terrible bill coming out of conference….


Tea Party groups ramp up fight against immigration bill, as August recess looms

From foxnews.com: After spending weeks dealing with the fallout from the IRS targeting scandal, Tea Party groups are starting to focus their energy on the immigration bill — a development…


The Tea Party rises up against amnesty

From powerlineblog.com: It took a while, but the Tea Party movement seems now to be in full cry against amnesty-style immigration reform. The cry isn’t unanimous but, according to this…