Tea Party Delivers Letters to Congress Opposing Amnesty

From breitbart.com:

In the hours before the Congress heads home for August recess, a large coalition of Tea Partiers from around the country delivered letters announcing their opposition to amnesty for America’s illegal aliens to every member of the House of Representatives.

“We write to express our opposition to House consideration or passage of any legislation, amendment, resolution or conference report that bears any resemblance to S. 744, the Senate amnesty bill that passed the Senate on June 27, 2013,” the coalition, led by Tea Party Patriots, wrote to each member of Congress.

The coalition also indicated its opposition to any efforts by House GOP leadership to try to enact the Senate bill via a conference with any House bills. “We also oppose any effort by House Leadership to go to conference on the Senate bill, including any plan to pass a simple one-page bill that would allow the House to deceive the American public and pull a bait and switch to ultimately pass a conference report resembling the Senate bill,” they wrote.