Town Encourages Illegals to Thwart Federal Agents

February 18, 2016, Lean Right America

If San Francisco and other so-called sanctuary cities have been criticized for refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, that criticism should go double for Princeton, New Jersey. It’s there that town officials have been passing out pamphlets, written in English and Spanish, to help illegal immigrants avoid being deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

After ICE agents arrested two illegal immigrants in Princeton in January, town officials spoke out against the feds. “These [arrests] are really unfortunate,” said councilwoman Heather Howard. “They cause fear and panic in the community, and they work to undermine the community’s effort to improve law enforcement relations.”

The town has added several letters and handouts to its official website. One of these letters tells residents: “Immigrant advocacy organizations across the U.S. are warning residents not to open their doors to ICE without a search or arrest warrant, which can be slipped under the door, and to remain silent and calm.”

Just imagine for a moment a town passing out official information on how to break any other federal laws. How well would that go over? But in an era where liberal Democrats, perhaps by example of the president, have decided that current immigration law is unfair, it’s somehow politically acceptable for cities to mock the law of the land. It’s funny how Democrats are so beholden to the federal government on some things and then suddenly turn into champions of local independence on others.

Another publication on the website tells readers: “If you or someone you love is deportable, have a plan!” Below, it clarifies that they only want illegal immigrants to behave this way for federal authorities. “Local Princeton police are not ICE,” it says. “They do not make immigration arrests.”

You know what? Maybe this is what’s best. These liberal cities can declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigrants and then Obama can just shuttle all of the “deportable” into those havens. Then, Americans who would prefer to live in an area where the laws are still enforced can avoid those cities. Let’s see how long Princeton and San Francisco and these other towns can keep the lights on. Democrats are going to have a tough time taxing the hell out of people who are living on welfare. It could be a watershed moment.

The next president, in conjunction with Congress, must come up with a comprehensive plan to deal with the crucial problem of illegal immigration. Resentment is growing on both sides; we cannot afford to go another ten years where immigration law is somehow up for debate. God willing, the resolution will not include amnesty – we’ve already seen the consequences of going that route. But if it does, then we must bring an unprecedented level of security to the border. Illegal immigration must stop before the term itself losing all meaning.