Treason Lobby Urging Obama Regime To Go To “Plan B”—Unilateral Administrative Amnesty. Where Is GOP?


The House of Representatives may not pass Amnesty, but the Obama Regime is determined to impose it unilaterally. Administrative Amnesty is Barack Obama’s “Plan B” for electing a new people, or as the Treason Bar calls it, Plan B for America. [Dems divided over immigration “Plan B”, By Greg Sargent, WaPo Blog, August 16, 2013 ]Remember, Plan B is the trade name for an abortifacient. And that is what the Treason Bar wants to do to America—abort it.

The plans are widely available for all to see on, a website that advertises itself as an insider source for immigration professionals (aka immigration lawyers, bureaucrats, and others who profit from Open Borders treason.) This same site was the sounding board for the first Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. As the Obama Regime has suffered a setback in its attempts to pass Amnesty, it is now re-evaluating its approach. Predictably, ILW is offering a possible way that Barack Obama can win his long war on America.