Unicorns and fairy-tales – Gov Brewer: – AZ may join with Texas to sue Obama regime over amnesty

AZBD Note: We would file this under a category of “Unicorns and fairy-tales” but we’re not going to make a new category for posts every time Gov Brewer talks tough and doesn’t back any of it up. We’re not even optimistic that AZ Governor Elect Doug Doucy will do his job and protect AZ but we fully expect him to.

SurrenderFrom gopthedailydose.com:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer states in no unequivocally that the actions of Hussein Obama in declaring his illegal amnesty are “absolutely wrong, and unjust and certainly unconstitutional.”

She says that while she was flying to New York for the interview, Governor-Elect Abbot of Texas emailed her regarding their taking joint action against the Obama regime and the federal government for the unfunded mandates he has unilaterally imposed.

She labels the impact on states as “Horrendous,” adding that, “Financially it’s a killer. We’re still in economic concerns that we’ve been facing for the last few years and to be forced upon us to take care of these people, educate them, provide health care for them, social security for them, the bottom line is that we just simply cannot afford it.”