What a Woman Found Outside a Texas Walmart Should Alarm You

From madworldnews.com:

A woman found more than bargains on a shopping trip to a Texas Walmart. What the woman found on the pavement outside should disturb you.

We have more than just “children and women” coming across the border, looking for opportunity. It doesn’t matter what Debbie Wiesman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, or even President Obama says. It doesn’t matter what the MSM says. The truth of Islamic terrorists caught coming over is too much for even them to ignore at this point.

We have been told the 36,000 prisoners were the last release of criminals into our society without being tracked. We were told it was over. Of those 36,000 re-released into our society without tracking, there were 88,000 offenses including rape, murder, assault, and armed robbery. They sound like nice guys.