When the Fulcrum Collapses

AZBD Note: The collapse of the border is just a part of a much larger plan for the destruction of the United States. 

From americanthinker.com:

We now witness the unfolding of the promised transformation of our country by Barack Hussein Obama. Having promised action but not direction with platitudinal rhetoric of transformation, hope and change, the final product is now in sight. The legs of the chair have systematically being sawn through. The incompetence and negligence of this administration appear to be intentionally dispensed, complete with an animosity towards this nation on the part of those who have allegedly taken an oath to serve the country.

The “fulcrum” of our nation, the point on which our nation balances and turns, is the reliance upon a competent and honest government, limited by constitutional constraints and bound by laws duly and legislatively codified. It requires an embodiment by those who would vow to uphold those laws, promise competence, and swear to duty. It is clear that in too many instances, and in too many key positions, we have personnel that do not rise to those requirements.