Where the Border Wall Ends: South East Texas/Mexico Border Wide Open (Video)

From breitbart.com:

Both Democrat and Republican leaders continue to espouse that the U.S. border with Mexico is secure, but I found the exact opposite to be true when I went to the border on assignment for Breitbart News.

These videos expose the ease at which illegal crossings occur in the southeast Texas area known as the Valley, one of the most heavy areas for illegal crossing into the United States.

The first video I took revealed a gaping hole in the border fence that resulted from a massive gate never having been installed. The opening was slightly more than 100 yards from the Rio Grande, the river that separates the U.S. from Mexico in Texas. I walked to the river, then walked through the open gate into a U.S. neighborhood. I did not see any security or border patrols for 30-35 minutes.