White House Official Cecilia Muñoz Says Now Is The Time For Immigration Reform

From latino.foxnews.com:

The White House director of the Domestic Policy Council said the president has no back-up plan if immigration reform fails.

Cecilia Muñoz said President Barack Obama has no intention right now to circumvent Congress if they do not pass legislation.

In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview with Fox News Latino’s Juan Williams, Muñoz said the pressure is on lawmakers to approve immigration reform – and the demands are being felt both inside Capitol Hill and in their home districts.

“It’s not just the advocacy groups in Washington hearing [about immigration reform].  You’re going to see members of congress hearing from pastors in their district, you’re going to see them hearing from local growers in their district, from business leaders in their districts,” Muñoz told Williams in response to how the upcoming congressional recess would affect the bill.  “The consensus around immigration reform is incredibly strong.  It’s bipartisan.  It has depth in community all around the country and I think lawmakers are going to be seeing this, this August.”