WSJ Attacks ‘Blood-and-Soil’ Republicans over Opposition to Immigration Bill


The Wall Street Journal editorial page has attacked opposition to the immigration bill that passed in the Senate last week, urging the Republican-led House to “improve” the bill, “not kill it.” The bill’s border security provisions, the Journal argued, were not weak, as conservatives had charged, but were “wretched excess,” the result of “the Republican party letting its blood-and-soil wing trump its supposedly free-market principles.”

It might seem odd to attack “blood-and-soil” conservatives (a phrase of Nazi provenance, evidently) on the eve of July 4th. But one need not wave the American flag or protest the obviously offensive connotations of the insult to defeat the Journal’s arguments for the Senate bill. By arguing that economic growth should drive immigration reform, the Journal actually undermines the “Gang of Eight” legislation it attempts to defend.